Shim Simulation: The Meneta Black Box™


The Meneta Black Box™ is a unique tool that will reduce your time to market by accurately simulating the NVH impact of a shim over temperature and pressure in a brake squeal simulation model. Being better prepared for dynamometer testing ensures the fastest road to the optimal NVH solution. No more trial and error, asking yourself how to model the shim. We have done it for you.


The Meneta Black Box™ shim model:

  • Is free of charge
  • Has a low calculation impact
  • Reduces development time and costs
  • Is directly implementable in your FEM brake model
  • Allows shim material and geometry optimization – free design of the shim shape
  • Is made by the supplier who knows the materials best!


The most sustainable shim development method

The Meneta Black Box™ is not only the cheapest and fastest way to develop a shim. It is also the best solution for the environment. By including The Meneta Black Box™ in the development process, dyno usage is reduced by up to 40 %. In concrete terms, the power saved per project is approximately 14,000 kWh, corresponding to the yearly power usage of 3 to 7 households.

“For many years, I wanted to capture the shim into a simulation environment and use it to accelerate brake noise development. This paved the way for smarter and more sustainable noise solution methods. The result was The Meneta Black Box™. – Halewijn Stikvoort, NVH Research Engineer and creator of The Meneta Black Box™.


Supported software

  • We currently support Abaqus and Permas
  • Please ask us about other platforms


Did you know?

  • The project required a complete characterization of all our material down to the core
  • Simulation is about 100,000% more energy efficient compared to traditional methods
  • The simulation model took more than 2.5 years to develop and required unique in-house custom developed equipment
  • The Meneta Black Box™ can simulate more than 150,000 different combinations of shim material



For more information and technical demonstrations, please contact:

Halewijn Stikvoort

CAE/NVH Research Engineer
[email protected]

(+49) 151 6237 4628