Composite coil materials

With our expertise in steel, rubber, and adhesive, we have a wide composite coil material portfolio available for the sealing, acoustics, damping and vibration insulation markets. 

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Noise, Vibration, and Harshness

Materials combined for success

To accommodate composite coil material demands for noise, vibration and harshness solutions, we are constantly expanding our product portfolio. Currently, we have more than 500 active composite coil material combinations in our productions.

All current Meneta materials consist of steel, rubber, and adhesive combined to offer NVH solutions for specific applications and purposes. 

We can produce thousands of different solutions by combining our materials.

damping and insulation

Multi purpose materials

Our composite coil materials are suited for both damping and acoustic insulation purposes. With our suppliers and customers, we are constantly developing new solutions to dampen, insulate, and decouple noise levels in various applications across industries. 

With our material portfolio, we can ensure a more comfortable experience with your product. 

Composite Material Portfolio

steel types available

Various steel thicknesses are available from 0.2 mm to 1 mm. The steel thickness is directly linked to the damping performance – A thicker steel layer results in higher damping.

Note that the steel grade does not affect the damping performance of the material. 

Adhesive types available


Due to its high durability and temperature resistance, we offer calendered and liquid vulcanized NBR rubber. Depending on our customers’ needs, we also offer various surfaces such as smooth, textured, or with patterns or logos embedded in the rubber.

Our NBR-rubber is versatile and approved for a wide range of applications, suitable for both OE and aftermarket product lines. Our typical thickness ranges from 0.10 mm to 0.30 mm, and we can accommodate requests for lower or higher thicknesses.

The standard rubber thickness we offer is 0.15 mm. Thinner thicknesses are commonly utilized for brake shims, where stiffer contact with the brake caliper is required, or in shims when limited space is available in the brake system.

Thicker rubber layers, at 0.30 mm, are typically employed to address specific noise issues. Meneta stands out as one of a few suppliers capable of providing coil material with this thickness.

Sealing solutions

With our liquid rubber production facility, we offer composite coil materials that consist of liquid rubber-coated metal that is ideal for sealing components, such as elastomer gaskets, and for applications where the containment of fluids or gases is needed. 

Material layer options

All our materials are thoroughly tested in our advanced materials science laboratory according to the highest standards of the industry. You can trust that our sealing material reliably prevents leakages in your application.  

From our liquid rubber production facility, we offer the following options:

advanced and certified Coil coating lamination line

With our state-of-the-art and fully automated coil coating lamination line, we can produce multi-composite materials without the use of solvents. This enables us to produce combinations of rubber-coated coil material with other coating options such as polyester and epoxy coatings for the sealing, acoustic, and vibration insulation industries. 

Our unique lamination production enables portable manufacturing lines in Europe, India, China, and the US. 

To ensure that costs are kept competitive, our production lines are designed by Meneta’s engineers to be streamlined, fully automated, and can run both small and large quantities of coil material in little time. 

Continuous liquid coating line

Our continuous liquid coating line not only enables us to produce rubber coatings but also very thin rubber films. And with a unique in-line thickness measuring system, we can create a complete mapping of the entire coating thickness. 

Unique Anti-Stick Top Coating for Gasket Materials

In collaboration with our suppliers, we have successfully developed a unique PFAS-free water-based anti-stick top coating to be used on rubber coatings which allows us to offer customer-specific colorized rubber coatings. 

Special properties of the top coating include:

  • PFAS-free: Replacing traditional PFAS anti-stick top coatings with a PFAS-free anti-stick alternative.
  • Ultra-thin: Up to 80% thinner than traditional top coatings ensure that the sealing material consists primarily of rubber.
  • Environmentally friendly: Replacing the solvent with water reduces our chemical consumption and provides a safer work environment for our employees.


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