Sealing Components and Composite Materials

Multi-composite materials
At Meneta Composite Materials ApS, we handle multi-composite materials for the sealing, acoustic, vibration and friction markets. We have technical expertise in testing, validating, and producing composite materials. We apply rubber in different patterns from 100µm down to 20µm on cold-rolled and stainless steel applied with an anti-stick top coating. Our composite materials can be delivered in full coil material or in slitted coils.

With more than 25 years of experience as OEM/OES and aftermarket supplier for the global automotive industry, we have transferred all our expertise onto our new product line and achieved the optimal combination of high performance and competitive cost.

Comprehensive R&D resources
In our laboratory we operate with four overall areas: incoming inspection, batch release, product control, and material development.

Our R&D work is focused on testing full scale production products for release, as well as to further develop new products. For this purpose, we use a variety of different test methods to determine physical properties and product performance. The most critical parameter is the adhesion between rubber and steel. To examine this, and to evaluate the material after immersion testing, we apply a pull-off strength tester according to ASTM standards. Furthermore, we also determine compression, recovery, and sealability according to the ASTM standards for our gasket materials. For products with coating applied directly on steel substrate, such as abutment clips, we test wear resistance using taber abraser – also according to the ASTM standards.

We focus consistently on optimizing our products to meet the manufacturers’ demands on efficiency, reliability, and innovation. Quality is a key issue which is why we constantly focus on design, choice of materials and methods of production.

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