Meneta Composite Materials Introduces Unique PFAS-Free Anti-Stick Top Coating

Meneta Composite Materials ApS is pleased to announce the development of a new PFAS-free, water-based anti-stick top coating, a significant advancement in the gasket and sealing industry. This innovative solution demonstrates Meneta’s dedication to environmental sustainability and product development.

Key Features of the New Anti-Stick Top Coating:

  • PFAS-Free Solution: Aligning with its environmental efforts, Meneta has successfully replaced traditional PFAS anti-stick coatings with a safer, PFAS-free alternative. With the new initiative, the company continues to reduce harmful chemical usage.
  • Ultra-Thin Composition: The new coating is up to 80% thinner than traditional coatings and ensures that the sealing material consists primarily of rubber.
  • Environmentally Friendly: The transition from solvent-based to water-based formulations markedly reduces chemical consumption. This change contributes to a healthier work environment for Meneta’s employees and reduces the company’s environmental impact.

“We are determined to develop new materials which provide better and more environmentally friendly solutions for the gasket and sealing market. We developed this unique combination of a water-based anti-stick topcoat with our rubber sealing materials for that exact reason,” shares Niels Bomholt, R&D manager at Meneta Composite Materials.

Meneta offers the standard black coatings while also catering to special requests for colored coatings, ensuring flexibility and customization for clients.

Committed to environmental safety and regulatory compliance, Meneta Composite Materials ApS is be REACH and RoHS compliant. This compliance assures customers that the new product is developed and produced without restricted chemicals or substances, like PFAS, reinforcing Meneta’s commitment to safety, sustainability, and innovation.

The introduction of this PFAS-free, water-based anti-stick top coating represents a milestone for Meneta Composite Materials ApS, affirming its position as a forerunner in environmentally conscious manufacturing within the gasket and sealing industry.

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