Stamped parts

Meneta offers a broad range of stamped parts from fine blanking technology and conventional stamping technology. 

We have specialized in producing multi-layered NVH shims, backing plates, and other custom finished parts for various industries.

We are IATF16949 certified

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NVH shims

As car manufacturers continuously strive to reduce noise in their vehicles, especially in EVs, the demand for quiet brake systems has never been higher. With our multi-layered NVH shims, we are industry-leading experts in reducing brake noise. We have developed new materials and products specifically targeted at brake noise in EVs. 

Access our full product catalog below:

steel, adhesive, rubber

At Meneta, we have specialized in shim design, testing, development, and production. For more than 25 years, we have delivered millions of shims each year to the global automotive industry for both original equipment and aftermarket applications. We supply all the major car brands in the world and we are IATF16949 certified.

Our shims are built up of a combination of steel, adhesive, and rubber that dampens or decouples the vibrations in the brake. The shim is attached to the backing plate, which in turn is attached to the friction material in the brake system. Together, they make up the brake pad.

Developing solutions for your exact needs

When developing noise solutions for brake systems, various factors are analyzed. Frequency, temperature, stiffness and more determine which material combination is the better fit. Each individual brake system requires its own noise solution.

With our experience, in-house R&D resources, and unique simulation and testing capabilities, we can work closely with you to develop the best noise-damping solution for your project.

NVH shim selection

There are three types of shims commonly used in the automotive industry: clip-on, bonded, and foil shims.

We offer all three types in our product portfolio which consists of more than 2,000 unique shim references of which 500 are currently active on platforms all over the world. With our extensive material selection, we offer more than 150,000 different material combinations. For every sound, we have a solution.

NVH shim surfaces

The top rubber layer of a Meneta shim consists of a vulcanized highly durable and temperature resistant NBR-rubber. The purpose of the top rubber layer is to create additional damping between the pad and the caliper. This kind of damping is often referred to as decoupling. Besides noise, comfort and fuel economy must be considered as well. A good balance between these three factors is what makes a good surface.

Different rubber surfaces create different properties
We offer many kinds of standard surfaces as well as more unique and customized surfaces that all create different noise-damping properties.
The most popular shim surfaces we offer are textured, smooth, and Fi-Tex.

Brand recognition

The highest freedom of design

We can help you differentiate your product and create brand recognition by embedding your logo or a recognizable pattern to your product.

Customized shim surfaces

Logos and patterns:

Colored shims:


Unique house brands

Over the years, we have developed our own patent-pending products such as the SmartStack™, the first shim in the world to utilize both liquid and calendered rubber technology and CoreStack™, a shim with two steel layers that allows the use of two adhesive types with different damping properties in one product. 

Read more about SmartStack™ and CoreStack™ here. 

Backing plates

Since 1965, Meneta has been a trustworthy supplier of billions of OE, OES, and AM backing plates to the global automotive industry. To accommodate strict tolerances and complex shape requirements, we adopted fine blanking technology already in the 70s for our backing plate and component production. Today, we are continuously investing in the newest technology on the market.

Engineered for Superior Performance

All our backing plates undergo strict quality controls during production to provide the best possible product to our customers. This ensures the right measurements, tolerances, and product endurance, every time.

We offer finished parts with material thicknesses of up to 12 mm by using slitted rings of up to 350 mm in width.


We are flexible according to your specific needs. From tool design to finished product, we have all competencies and processes in-house. This ensures a streamlined and effective process.

With a drawing of your product, our highly skilled team of engineers can coordinate, plan, and implement your project.


Our stamping and fine blanking machines can produce metal components for any application and industry. Read more about our stamping capabilities to get inspired and experience the vast opportunities with Meneta as your partner.


Meneta is a leading supplier to the automotive, but our product portfolio goes beyond automotive. Founded in technology, we are a company with vast production capabilities enabling us to produce components for any application and industry.  

With over 70 years of experience and our extensive knowledge of all our materials, we can customize both fineblanked and multilayered solutions to meet your specific needs.

Explore examples of our product cases below. 

custom Multi-layered parts

Rubber washers

The function of a rubber washer can vary depending on the application. It can be used to protect surfaces, damp vibrations, or prevent leaking. The common applications of rubber washers are areas exposed to liquids and humidity, places that require a tight seal, and sites that require some flexibility. Our rubber washers typically consist of two rubber layers with a high-temperature resistant liner in between. 

custom fine blanked parts

Our fine blanking production offers solutions for any need or application.

Simple. Complex. Low tolerances. High accuracy.

No matter your need, our highly technical team conducts a thorough feasibility analysis to guarantee the product performance you are looking for.


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