Product development

Through continuous investment in development, we deliver products that meet customer requirements and offer exceptional noise and vibration reduction properties, contributing to a quieter and more comfortable environment.

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From idea to innovation to product

Meneta Group specializes in product and material development for noise and vibration-damping products, with a strong focus on sustainability and the environment.

By constantly investing in research and development, Meneta dedicates its resources to meeting customer needs while prioritizing environmental impact. Collaborating closely with customers and suppliers, we ensure that every product is developed with our customer’s input – working together to create innovative solutions for tomorrow’s products.

Serving global markets

The range of industries that we serve is extensive, including industrial applications, household appliances, automotive, audio applications, and many others. Meneta’s own products have no limitations when it comes to removing noise; our engineers have successfully addressed every noise issue encountered so far. The primary goal of our product development service is to help you design and test new materials to combat noise and vibration issues in your product. 

Noise-damping brake shim and gasket material

The development process for noise-damping brake shims, gasket, and other noise and vibration-damping products involves a comprehensive analysis of existing materials, as well as the exploration of new materials available in the market.

With our expertise, we employ finite element modeling to gain a deep understanding of the noise problems at hand. We utilize this knowledge to design and test prototypes and evaluate these in controlled real-world environments. 

Skilled professionals ready to support

Our team of skilled professionals is prepared to support our customers in the development of their new products. Throughout this process, we place a strong emphasis on close collaboration, working hand in hand to identify the optimal solution. At every stage, our customers have direct access to technically proficient individuals from Meneta, guaranteeing a reliable and flexible process.

By investing in Meneta’s Product Development Service, we ensure the creation of noise and vibration-damping products that offer superior performance and reliability.


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