January 10, 2023

Important/Significant patent acquired: Meneta SmartStack™

Meneta Group has acquired a patent for a new shim production method and layering combination. Developed by Meneta’s engineers, the technology is named SmartStack™ and combines two distinct rubber types for even further noise reduction

We are very proud to announce that we can now add another patent to our portfolio,” Group CEO, Kim Oestergaard says.   
“Being the only company in the world with both liquid and calendered rubber technology in-house, we could combine both rubber types in a single product. The result is our SmartStack™ – and its unique material buildup, which provides a very broad damping range compared to traditional shims. We expect that this innovation will be a big success on both OE and AM applications worldwide.”    

Shims produced with the SmartStack™ consists of four layers: adhesive, vulcanized calendered NBR-rubber, steel, and vulcanized liquid NBR-rubber. Along with the increased noise reduction from two rubber layers, the technology lowers risk of oozing, drag and off brake noise while increasing pad life for a more durable product.

Calendered rubber

Calendered rubber works well for thicker rubber layers with a typical thickness of 100-300µm. It allows for different texture shapes in the rubber, such as hexagon, diamond, smooth and other textures. The production process is slower than liquid rubber coating since it requires more steps.

Liquid rubber

Liquid rubber has a typical thickness of 25-100µm and is good for thinner rubber layers. This rubber type is not as flexible as calendered rubber regarding different rubber texture, but the production is fast as it allows for two rubber layers to be bonded in one step.

Usually, shim manufacturers are only able to produce shims with one of these methods.

Patent information

For more details on the patent, it has been published at global patent websites with following references:

Application No.: PCT/IB2021/04524
International Publication No.: WO2022/248908

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