Meneta Opens New Manufacturing Facility in Dalian, China

Meneta Group proudly announces the opening of its latest production plant located in Dalian, China. This modern facility marks a significant step forward in enhancing the company’s production capabilities and reinforcing its presence in the local market.

Enhancing Production with Advanced Technology

The new site is equipped with fineblanking lines for backing plate manufacturing and progressive stamping lines designed for accessories and abutment springs. Meneta’s new manufacturing site is set to produce millions of backing plates and accessories, demonstrating its commitment to meeting growing market demands efficiently.

Record Time Construction

The construction of the facility was spearheaded by General Manager, Ellen Zhang, and completed in just eight months. The site will employ approximately 120 skilled workers, further contributing to Meneta’s mission of industry excellence.

Honoring Traditions and Celebrating Progress

The opening ceremony featured Meneta Group owner Steve Wang, CEO Kim Oestergaard, and Director of International Operations, Ole Magaard, alongside customer representatives and local government officials. The event celebrated the blending of tradition and progress, marked by a performance of the traditional Lion Dance, which symbolizes prosperity, stability, and strength.

This strategic expansion not only enhances Meneta’s manufacturing capacity but also solidifies its commitment to innovation, tradition, and local market presence.

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