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Our constant focus on innovation has led to several unique house brands in Meneta Group. Each of them are disruptive concepts that challenges the industry-norm by improving the development process, and product performance or reducing production time. 

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The patent pending Meneta SmartStack™ is the first shim in the world with dual rubber technology.

The SmartStack™  shim is built up of 4 layers:

Liquid rubber layer
Vulcanized, highly durable, and temperature-resistant NBR-rubber with a unique fiber-textured surface

Calendered rubber layer
Vulcanized thick calendered NBR-rubber with a rough texture surface

Steel layer
OE-grade steel with a superior anti-corrosion treatment

Adhesive layer
Developed specifically to give a wider temperature range and high shear force.

For some vehicles, calendered rubber provides the best damping. For others, liquid rubber is the better fit. We decided to combine both technologies in one product for the best damping possibilities.

Merging the best of two worlds is a simple but effective method to secure optimal performance. By utilizing the properties of both rubber types, there’s no need for guesswork as to which to pick. You will get the right shim for your vehicle, every time.


The Meneta CoreStack™ is a 5-layer shim with double steel and double rubber layers.

With the addition of a steel layer, stiffness is optimized, and vibrations are reduced significantly.

The top layer of a CoreStack™ shim consists of textured NBR rubber. The textured rubber improves the damping between brake caliper and shim, compared to a smooth rubber surface. Particularly at low brake pressure.

The center core of the shim consists of a sandwich construction where the NBR rubber is vulcanized between two layers of steel for superior strength and optimized vibration damping.

The CoreStack™ shim is bonded to the pad using adhesive specially optimized for damping.


The Fi-Tex surface is produced using liquid rubber technology, ensuring superior visual quality and maximum rubber thickness precision.

The Fi-Tex surface has a structure depth between smooth and textured. This surface offers improved damping between the pad and the piston/caliper compared to a smooth surface. 

At the same time, shims with this surface have lower compressibility, which again minimizes the risk of drag and off-brake noise. This results in longer pad life.

Meneta Black Box™

Built by Meneta’s engineers after years of screening all our materials down to the core, it is the world’s most advanced and accurate shim simulation tool.

The Meneta Black Box™ is a unique shim simulation tool that will accurately simulate the NVH impact of a shim over temperature and pressure in a brake squeal simulation model. 

It produces the virtual counterpart of the real shim and provides a better understanding of the product and underlining NVH issues. With this knowledge, we are better prepared for dyno testing and reduces costs, energy consumption, and your time to market. We offer this unique service free of charge.

Meneta Virtual Dyno™

Meneta Virtual Dyno™

In addition to physical dyno testing, we have developed the Meneta Virtual Dyno™. The virtual shim found by the Meneta Black Box™ is tested in the virtual dyno in a full brake system simulation. As such, the virtual dyno offers endless test capacity and hereby complements physical testing.

With these innovative technologies, we have gained a better understand of the materials and the end-product. By combining shim simulation, virtual dyno testing, and physical dyno testing we can guarantee the best NVH results, the fastest shim development method in the business, and the most CO2-friendly solution in line with Meneta’s sustainability strategy. 


Meneta’s in-house developed MicroTool secures fast adaptability and lower costs.

The MicroTool is an innovative tool that drastically reduces the time it takes to switch one tool out with another in our stamping production.

Meneta’s engineers spent two years developing this new solution to optimize the time-consuming and costly process, given the big and heavy nature of the tools. The new method is module-based and with a fixed and simple frame construction, the switch now only takes a few minutes.

The MicroTool is a game changer. Especially for the aftermarket that usually operates with smaller quantities and more frequent orders. Because of these demand patterns, tool switching occurs more often on the AM than on the OE. Since the tooling cost is added to the overall price of the product, the MicroTool makes us even more cost-competitive.


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