Automotive components and sealing materials from fossil-free steel


Announce world’s first automotive brake components and sealing materials produced with fossil free steel.

Fossil-free Steel

Meneta Group is pioneering in the international automotive industry by committing to fossil-free steel from SSAB for our global production of components and sealing materials, mainly for the automotive industry. From 2026, we expect initial Scope 3 CO2 reductions of 5,500 to 6,000 tonnes, growing to approximately 60,000 tonnes in subsequent years when our global brake component and sealing and decoupling material productions fully incorporate fossil-free steel from SSAB.
Odense, March 6, 2023

Steel as the main component

Steel remains the main component of most of Meneta’s products and one of our biggest challenges from a Scope 3 emissions reduction perspective. We expect a very positive market reaction to our fossil-free steel shims, backplates, clips and sealing and decoupling materials, further strengthening our market position as we meet general industry and end-user demand for sustainable products and solutions.

Jan Meier, Sales Director in SSAB Europe, says:

“We are extremely happy to welcome Meneta, a forerunner within automotive brake components and sealing materials, as a partner for fossil-free steel products,” 

 “Together, we will contribute to a fossil-free value chain for the automotive industry — and all the way to the end customer. We are proud to significantly reduce CO2 emissions together with our new partner.”

Meneta Group CEO, Kim Oestergaard, says:

“Being able to source sustainably manufactured steel for our global production sites, already from 2026, ties in perfectly with Meneta’s existing market-leading role and first-mover status,”

 “Our goal is to be among the first suppliers in the automotive industry to offer components and materials with significantly reduced CO2 footprints to our global customers. We’re very happy that our collaboration with SSAB can help us make this a reality in the near future. Meneta will continue to help in shaping a new sustainability-driven future for the automotive industry – as well as other industries and sectors – as this, in our view, is the only sustainable business strategy and business plan to have.”

Cars should not only drive sustainably, but also be produced sustainably.

SSAB and Meneta both share the view that cars should not only drive sustainably, but also be produced sustainably, with all components — including those produced with steel — being CO2 neutral. By Meneta piloting fossil-free steel-based shim materials in Denmark, we lay the groundwork for expanding our use in our international subsidiary companies in the US, China, Germany, Brazil, and India.

SSAB plans to revolutionize the entire steelmaking process. The aim is to deliver fossil-free steel to the market at a commercial scale during 2026, and to largely eliminate carbon dioxide emissions from their own operations around 2030. SSAB works with iron ore producer LKAB and energy company Vattenfall as part of the HYBRIT initiative to develop a value chain for fossil-free iron- and steel production, replacing the coking coal traditionally used for iron ore-based steelmaking with fossil-free electricity and hydrogen. This process virtually eliminates carbon dioxide-emissions in steel production.

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