Driving Toward a Sustainable Future

Budweg and Meneta’s Environmental Collaboration

In a visionary partnership aimed at enhancing environmental practices, Meneta and Budweg Caliper, a BBB Industries brand, have embarked on a collaborative journey towards sustainable manufacturing of automotive components. Meneta and Budweg Caliper are both headquartered in Odense, Denmark. The alliance, rooted in a shared commitment to environmental responsibility, not only reflects the companies’ dedication to sustainable initiatives but also their effort to impact the broader automotive industry.

Key Outcomes:
The collaboration has already yielded significant outcomes. Budweg has successfully achieved environmental certification, providing valuable insights to Meneta as they navigate their own certification process. Meneta, with its extensive experience in CO2 accounting, brings a wealth of knowledge to the table, benefiting Budweg’s sustainability initiatives. The ESG reporting requirement applies to Meneta for 2024, while Budweg will not be subject to the regulations until 2025. However, both companies expect to benefit from collaborative efforts in the reporting process and the sharing of best practices.

“At Budweg, sustainability isn’t just a goal; it’s a journey we’re actively navigating. Our environmental certification is not only a testament to our commitment but also a steppingstone for collaboration. By sharing our experiences and learning from Meneta, we believe we can drive a positive change within our company.”

Betina Gamholdt Creutz
Budweg Caliper, Quality and Environmental Manager

This vision is shared by Lise Fria Hansen, Sustainability Manager at Meneta Holding A/S

“For Meneta, working with sustainability is paramount, and it is becoming an increasing part of our company culture. On our path to net-zero, we actively engage in partnerships across markets and industries to stay updated on best practices and shared learnings. A collaboration with Budweg came naturally for us, as we both pursue a sustainable future for the automotive – and beyond.

Our experience with CO2 accounting matches Budweg’s proactive approach. Together, we are not just creating components; we’re shaping the future of automotive manufacturing with a focus on environmental stewardship. This collaboration is not just a partnership; it’s a shared journey towards a more sustainable industry.”

Foundations of Collaboration:
The environmental partnership, initiated in November this year, has laid the groundwork for mutual knowledge-sharing. Both companies are committed to shaping a sustainable future for automotive components, with Meneta’s groundbreaking industry initiatives and Budweg Caliper’s proactive approach towards sustainability in their value chains.

As the collaboration progresses, both Budweg and Meneta anticipate positive outcomes that will not only strengthen their individual sustainability efforts but also contribute significantly to the broader goal of creating a more sustainable automotive industry.

Both companies are highly engaged in environmentally sustainable practices. Budweg focuses on sustainability in its value chains and is in dialogue with its suppliers to increase their work with sustainability. In addition, CO2 calculations for Budweg’s product groups are made and used to make the sustainability aspect clear to customers in their purchasing process.

With an ambitious and industry-challenging vision, Meneta is working toward CO2-neutral components, with groundbreaking initiatives such as the sourcing of low-emission steel and the development of unique simulation technologies to replace physical, highly energy-consuming testing. In addition, they are the world’s first supplier of automotive brake components and sealing materials to commit to sourcing fossil-free steel.

The Road Ahead:
As both companies actively contribute to a more sustainable future, their collaboration serves as a beacon for the automotive industry. With shared goals, a commitment to knowledge-sharing, and participation in the Reboot event in Odense 29th – 30th November, Budweg and Meneta are poised to make a lasting impact on the European automotive landscape.

This collaborative effort not only sets an example for industry peers but also positions both companies as leaders in the ongoing global sustainability movement.

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