Company Fact Sheet


Product Line:

Anti-noise shims and back plates.
Fine blanked and mass produced blanked parts.
Own tool manufacturing.

Company Information:

Meneta Danmark ApS
Meneta Advanced Shims Technology A/S
Meneta Holding A/S
Meneta Composite Materials ApS
Strandholtvej 49
DK-5270 Odense N
Switchboard: +45 66 18 89 34
Main telefax No.: +45 66 18 78 05

[email protected]

Meneta Danmark ApS: DK 36057505
Meneta Advanced Shims Technology A/S: DK 26314089
Meneta Holding A/S: DK 25673948
Meneta Composite Materials ApS: 39612291

Group banker: Danske Bank