We have a lot to celebrate at Meneta; we just signed off on converting 100 % of our energy consumption to sustainable wind energy. The headquarters in Denmark has bought wind power to supply the four Danish companies by only using sustainable energy.

The energy is provided by a wind farm owned by a Danish energy company EnergiFyn which has its production facilities at Odense Harbor, just 20 kilometers from Meneta’s Headquarters. This means that the energy is produced locally, which was very important to us. The initiative is also a vital part of Meneta’s work with UN’s Sustainable Development Goal 7 (SDG 7).


The contract, which allows us to source 100 % sustainable energy, is valid for the whole year of 2022, and means that we save CO2 corresponding to 795 homes electricity for one year .


More sustainability is important

Project Coordinator of Sustainability & Environment at Meneta, Lise Fria Hansen, expresses that Meneta wants to have the lowest energy consumption as possible. She adds:  “It comes with a big responsibility to be a big production company with a big energy consumption. At Meneta, we are dedicated to operating sustainable plants with a minimum environmental impact. The sourcing of wind power first and foremost allow us to secure a carbon neutral energy consumption, while supporting the transition towards renewable energy sources in the Danish electricity grid. However, the decision carries a dedication to work with minimization of energy consumption and technological developments to secure a holistic approach of continuous improvement towards carbon net zero.

The contract is only part of the work with SDG 7, as it is important to reduce Meneta’s total energy consumption as well: “In a global perspective, we work with Sustainable Development Goal 7, which aims to ensure access to affordable, reliable, sustainable and modern energy for all. Energy is essential for economic growth, social equity, and environmental sustainability. Energy consumption was estimated to account for 60 % of global emissions in 2019 (UNDP Environment and Energy). Meneta saw an opportunity to support this vital agenda for, respectively, societies and the environment” -Lise.

Lise continues: “We began in 2021 by purchasing renewable energy for one of our Danish plants, equivalent to 26 % of our total energy consumption. Having experienced no challenges with the energy supply, it was not a difficult decision to source 100 % of our consumption from renewable energy sources in 2022. By doing so, Meneta actively take part in increasing the share of renewable energy in the Danish energy mix, while making an ambitious effort to improve the global rate of energy efficiency.”



A favorable investment for both the environment and local developments

 The choice to source locally produced wind power was no coincidence either. “There are several ways of sourcing renewable energy to the plant. One example is Norwegian hydroelectric power, which offered very competitive pricing. Nevertheless, Meneta chose the service provided by EnergiFyn, because the wind turbines have been developed and installed in Denmark. This allows Meneta to directly support the development of sustainable renewable energy technologies in Denmark, “ Lise elaborates.



The work with Sustainable Development Goal 7 is essential for Meneta, and the Group is working hard to become a sustainable organization in all its doings. “We have a risk-based approach when trying to reduce our energy consumption; it means that Meneta tries to identify where in the organization initiatives can have the most impact in addition to reducing CO2.” – Lise adds.

By sourcing all our energy consumed in Denmark from wind power, we have moved one step closer to become carbon neutral and contributed to a greener automotive industry.