Due to high demand, Meneta Koblenz is moving to a location with more room for test capacity. When the move is complete (expected to be early 2022), Meneta Koblenz will receive two brand new dynos from the dyno department in Denmark. This will increase test capacity by 4️0 % with a total of seven dynos in Koblenz. Having room for a total of 16 dynos, the new location is future-proof and will secure test capacity for years to come. The move will also increase storage capacity significantly.

The expansion will enable us to both increase productivity and provide even better dyno service for our customers. It is our over-arching goal to be the best partner for our global customers, and this development is an important step toward that goal.

Meneta Koblenz will still provide support for frf-measurements.

 One of the dynos being moved 

From Jackson to Rome

All roads lead to Rome. It was therefore more or less inevitable that Meneta would reach Rome (Georgia) sooner or later.

To keep the supply and continued satisfaction of our customers up, Meneta North America’s production has to be expanded.

The production facility will therefore move from Jackson, Tennessee to a new location in Rome, Georgia. It is estimated that the transition will be completed in 12-18 months. For those (very few) of you who don’t know Rome, Georgia, the city was established in 1834 on seven hills. This inspired the settlers to name it after Rome in Italy, which was also established on seven hills. We look forward to being an active part of the city.

 Installation of the new stamping line