Today, we mark the International Day of Education. Education is a human right, a public good and a public responsibility. At Meneta, we promote learning opportunities and support UN’s Sustainable Development Goal no. 4 about quality education for all.

We work with many different institutions and have partnered up with many different student profiles. From local institutions like University of Southern Denmark, and University College Lillebælt, to renown business schools like ESCP, where we currently work together on an exciting analysis with their Paris branch 📈 We attach great importance to helping young talents expand their knowledge and share with them our passion for the automotive industry.

Over the years, we have had projects with #engineering students in R&D and production, #business students in Sales, interns in Marketing, and we collaborate with the municipality and citizens who have been out of the workforce for a long time. At our facilities in India, we have collaborated with an NGO to offer educational support for underprivileged children and help a local school with several initiatives. We have also been supporting the EuroBrake Student Opportunities Programme for several years in a row.

For a business of our range and size, we can integrate many different profiles and fields of study. We provide an opportunity to get hands-on experience, and to increase their network, and true for all our successful experiences is that they create great mutual benefit 🤝

So, if you are looking for an internship, a business for a case study, or other, feel free to reach out and present your project.