Meneta is presenting at the TECHNIA Simulation Innovation Forum (SIMIF) on November 26, 2020.

SIMIF is a virtual fair with world-leading simulation experts. The event will contain online workshops and presentations where simulation technology, and its many possibilities, is explored.

Halewijn Stikvoort, NVH Research Engineer at Meneta, was invited to present his work on noise-damping shim simulation, during which he created The Meneta Black Box™ – a tool that can simulate the 20,000 different shim material combinations in Meneta’s portfolio.

In his presentation, A small component with a large impact – accelerating virtual brake system NVH development, Halewijn will demonstrate a proof of concept, showing the process of virtual shim screening and the low impact on overall simulation cost.

He will dive into an example of a complex shape shim damping simulation, followed by a full temperature and frequency characterization, and illustrate the match between simulation and the real product.

Watch the teaser below and make sure to register at Halewijn will present at 15:45 (Track B).