A major milestone is reached as Meneta North America LLC was awarded a new OE business by General Motors, proving that our recent investments have strengthened Meneta’s position on the American market.

Allocating resources, hiring the right staff and ensuring a close collaboration with a dedicated support group out of Meneta Advanced Shims Technology in Denmark has spurred the desired synergies and led to winning the first part of a larger platform, where Meneta NA is currently testing to win the remainder of the platform.

“This is an important milestone for Meneta NA and I take this opportunity to congratulate the team in the US and the support team working out of Meneta in Denmark,” says Kim Oestergaard, Managing Director of Meneta Advanced Shims Technology A/S. He adds: “It is fantastic to see that our focus on new product development has helped us secure this new business. We are keen on continuing our investments with the expansion of our NVH dyno fleet in Farmington Hills, MI, and we are also looking to expand our stamping capacity in Jackson, TN.”

Shims for the new OE business will be produced and sold directly out of Meneta’s facilities in Jackson, TN.