Our dear colleague, Mr. Henning Larsen, last week celebrated his 50th anniversary with Meneta Group – and as if this was not enough, Henning almost simultaneously celebrated his 75th birthday since he was born on December 7, 1940.

For Henning the future path and destiny together with Meneta started already in his early school days when he made future plans within the mechanical machinery and production sector – actually the company ‘Meneta Tool & Machinery Factory A/S’ was founded in 1953, when he was still in primary school.

After primary school and preliminary exams he became a certified specialist within fine tooling and stamping, upon which Henning decided to join the army, where he spent 3 years and reached the rank of sergeant.

He was employed at ‘Meneta Tool & Machinery Factory A/S’ on December 6, 1965 – as the Chairman of The Board and Group President and CEO of Meneta Group, Mr. Johnny Haakonsson, so rightly put it when making his speech to Henning the other day during the celebration here at Meneta: “at the time when you were hired here at Meneta, three quarters of Meneta’s current staff were not even born then”!

After being appointed production manager after a few years, Henning still wanted to broaden his horizons and sharpen his theoretical as well as practical skills by attending a mulitude of special courses and passing several exams from 1967 to 1979 within e.g. management, company economics and finance, work studies, measuring techniques, cold-stamping, hydraulics, etc. – the list is very comprehensive.

With 50 years in the company entailing new production techniques, new product lines, clients coming and going and the company changing hands over the years, Henning has actually played an integral part and important role in the development of the company and proved his adaptability.

Among his many accomplishments over the years with our company, it is worth mentioning that Henning introduced ISO 9000 certifcation to Meneta when he was in charge of quality assurance – it also true that Henning is a literal ‘shark’ in excel!

A true gentleman, highly respected and well-liked among colleagues, Henning was therefore duly celebrated last week at his 50th anniversary, where all of his colleagues here at Meneta headquarters in Denmark joined the celebration.

Henning is a remarkable person, who truly personifies loyalty and dedication. Not many people can boast of 50 consecutive years with one and the same company.

Meneta Group has the highest respect for Mr. Henning Larsen and as a result, the board decided to officially nominate him to receive an official commendation and award by Her Majesty, Queen Margrethe the 2nd of Denmark.

Meneta Group Management, December 8, 2015